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For subscription to TROLLEY TALK send $20.00 for one year (six issues)
or $39.00 for two years (12 issues).
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P.O. Box 206
Amelia, OH 45102

Trolley Talk is the only periodical for trolley fans and trolley modelers that has lasted
faithfully and meaningfully through the years -- since September 1954. History and
prototype data have been used to help model builders. Modelers share techniques, and
prototype information is presented along with many pictures and plans.

Herb Pence's "Keeping Current" column outlines present-day traction activities.

The "Team Track" column allows modelers and fans to buy, sell, and trade models and
memorabilia. Announcements of trolley-related get-togethers are made in the Trolley Stops
section. And, the best suppliers to the trolley hobby regularly advertise their offerings.

The magazine was founded by Birdella and Rich Wagner of Wagner Car Company fame; we still
have a few readers who started with the first issue. Over the years, Trolley Talk has
evolved into a bi-monthly publication (with, unfortunately, some occasional delays).
After Birdella Wagner's retirement, the magazine was published by Drew Sack of Louisville
for some years. In 2005, Rev. Sack's illness caused the publication to return to the
Cincinnati area, where many of its long-time contributors continue the tradition.

Trolley Talk remains the only magazine targeted at helping the trolley modeler and trolley
fan to derive greater enjoyment from his or her traction interest.

In the USA: $20 for one year (six issues). $39 for two years (twelve issues).
Outside the USA, please add $4.00 per year to cover international postage.

Send to:

Trolley Talk
P. O. Box 206
Amelia, OH 45102

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