The Corgi Historic PCC Collection

The PCC car, named for the group of transit officials that created it, the Presidents Conference Committee, was the vehicle that revolutionized urban transit beginning in 1936, when the first 100 cars were delivered to Brooklyn, New York. For the next 16 years, almost 5,000 of these vehicles would operate in cities throughout the United States. The last 25 cars were delivered to San Francisco in 1952. The PCC car was a remarkable vehicle, long outliving its predecessors. Several cars ran in three different cities before finally being retired. The first production Brooklyn car still is operational at a Connecticut trolley museum. The last production car continues to operate in San Francisco. Remember this being the newest PCC car has now been in service for over 50 years.

Following a trend started by the Municipal Railway in San Francisco, in 1997, Corgi Classics Limited of Leicester, Great Britain began issuing replicas of PCC cars in 1:50 scale painted in the colorful liveries they wore in different cities in which they operated. The first of these Corgi Classics was Philadelphia Car No. 2733, which has been permanently placed on public display adjacent to the eastbound 13th Street Station of Philadelphia's Market-Frankford Subway Elevated line.

If you are a trolley or transit aficionado, you probably are interested in collecting the entire series. The first cars, issued in 1997, have been sold at prices three times that of their original selling price. As of August 2005, thirty of these colorful cars have been issued. To assist you in completing your collection, the following is a complete list of the cars issued to date:
1. Catalog Item 55001, Philadelphia Transportation Company (PTC) 2733
2. Catalog Item 55002, San Francisco Municipal Railway (MUNI) 1040
3. Catalog Item 55003, Saint Louis Public Service (SLPS) 1779
4. Catalog Item 55004, Lionel City Transit Company (LCTC) 1250
5. Catalog Item 55005, Cincinnati Street Railways (CSRy) 1164
6. Catalog Item 55006, Pacific Electric (PERy) 5024
7. Catalog Item 55007, Los Angeles MTA (LAMTA) 3165
8. Catalog Item 55008, Boston Elevated Railway (BERy) 3001
9. Catalog Item 55009, D.C. Transit (DCT) 1540
10. Catalog Item 55010, Toronto Transportation Commission (TTC) 4500
11. Catalog Item 55011, Toronto Transportation Commission (TTC) 4549
12. Catalog Item 55012, Philadelphia Transportation Company (PTC) 2800
13. Catalog Item 55013, Pittsburgh (PAT) 1753
14. Catalog Item 55014, Minneapolis/Saint Paul (TCRT) 319
15. Catalog Item 55015, Philadelphia (SEPTA) 2134
16. Catalog Item 55016, Newark, NJ (PSCT) 13
17. Catalog Item 55017, Johnstown, PA (JTCo) 415
18. Catalog Item 55018, Pittsburgh, PA (PRCo) 1795
19. Catalog Item 55019, Washington, D.C. Capital Transit (CTCo) 1555
20. Catalog Item 55020, New Jersey Transit (NJT) 22
21. Catalog Item 55021, Los Angeles Transit Lines (LATL) 3148
22. Catalog Item 55022, Budweiser
23. Catalog Item 55023, Brooklyn (NYCTA) 1080

24. Catalog Item 55024, Baltimore Transit Co (BTCo)7609

25. Catalog Item 55025, Toronto Transportation Commission (TTC) 4676
26. Catalog Item 55026, Detroit Street Railways (DSR)102
27. Catalog Item 55027, Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) 4391
28. Catalog Item 55028, Kenosha 4606  
29. Catalog Item 55029, Boston (MBTA) 3264 (Not Yet Produced)  
30. Catalog Item 55030, Pittsburgh (PAT) 1730 Mod Desire  
31. Catalog Item 55031, Philadelphia (SEPTA) "Gulf Oil" Scheme 2101  

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