Your PCC Trolley Connection

Introduction to the PCC Trolley

PCC stands for President's Conference Committee. These cars were designed in the thirties by leaders of electric railways to apply modern design and technology to public transportation systems in cities around the county.

While many of the original trolleys have been restored and are proudly displayed in Museums, San Francisco has established a working streetcar route: the famed "F" Line is returning the trolley to its historic status.

San Francisco is the largest US city with active streetcar tracks on its main downtown streets that have been in almost continuous service for almost a century.

Building the "F" Line in San Francisco was first proposed in 1974. By the early 1990's a new streetcar line stretched the 3 plus miles from the Transbay terminal, up Market, to the Castro District. The "F" line was dedicated with 17 newly restored PCC trolleys representing cities around the country and several antique trolleys from around the world.

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In many other cities, the trolley is making comeback. Densely populated areas are realizing that the trolley can provide a viable alternative means of transportation, flexible enough to travel on City streets yet inexpensive compared to new freeways.

As new trolleys become landmarks on the City landscape, Custom Traxx is your HO scale supplier for electric railway modeling. Visit, ride and model the historic San Francisco Muni "F" line.

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