IV-Traction Items in Development

There are three HO scale traction projects in development right now, all involving the Bowser/Custom Traxx team !

We would like to hear your ideas on these projects!


Project #1 is the 1946/47 ex-Kansas City All-Electric PCC cars which besides Kansas City also ran in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Tampico and Toronto. This will be the same level quality as the current line of Bowser all-electric PCC cars. At this time, the team is planning to release models of all but the Tampico cars.

Recently the first shells were sent for examination. Here is a peek at the left side:


Project #2 is the release of the 1906 Brill/American Car Co eleven-window semi-convertible in the same quality RTR form as the Bowser New Orleans 900 streetcar. This car will be based on the 25 cars of the NOT&L 300 series of which NORTA 453 is the sole survivor.


Project #3 is a eventual release of an RTR Light Rail Vehicle. This project is currently being hampered by the inability of the team to acquire vital dimensional data from the LRV car manufacturers. However some of the candidates are shown below:

The leading candidates are the Siemens S70, shown above left in San Diego. This is a three-section partial low floor car used also in Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, Atlanta and other communities. Above center is the Construcctiones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF) Urbos 3 destined for Cincinnati, OH and Kansas City, MO. This is a three-section 100% low-floor vehicle. Above right is the KinkiSharyo vehicle just ordered for Los Angeles. 175 of these two-section vehicles are on site being tested at this time on the Blue, Gold and Green Lines. It is a high platform vehicles as are all four light rail lines in Los Angeles at the current time.

We welcome your input on this matter as we feel that there is a significant market here with the next generation of potential molders who are now riding these cars.

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