IV-Traction Items in Development

There are some traction projects in development right now!

We would like to hear your ideas on these projects!


Our major focus since July 2015 has been to persuade a model railroad manufacturer to produce a Ready-To-Run (RTR) Light Rail Vehicle in HO scale. While HO scale was our prime interest, the growth of N scale could not be overlooked. We, along with Volkmar Meier of Paris, France have developed models of the Siemens S70 Ultrashort as used in San Diego, Salt Lake City, and Atlanta and very similar to others in Charlotte, Houston, Minneapolis, Norfolk and Portland. We have produced and decorated several 3D Printed models as San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (SDMTS) 4001, 4012, 4053 and 4034. We also have a model of Atlanta Streetcar 1001 and another of a Minneapolis METRO Transit S70. Our next HO scale model, unit 7, will be dressed in Salt Lake City TRAX colors as soon as decals are made.

All of these cars are always visible at appearances of the Southern California Traction Club in Southern California. We have ceased talking to the current group of model railroad manufacturers because they are not in touch with today's transit revolution so we are encouraging the various 3D drawing experts to place their cars on Shapeways so that those of you who want models can get them.

All of our S70 models units are capable of operation on both track power and overhead wire power and TCS "Keep Alive" DCC decoders have been installed.

We have tested these units in three-car consists in DCC on 9" radius curves and they run extremely well together.

We began testing our first N scale model, powered with two Tomytec drives and we have SDMTS decals, set NN-2052 already made for this car. This model is shown with one of our HO scale models and undergoing testing on the new Southern California Traction Club N scale layout.

The HO scale S70 models have been available on Shapeways since September 1, 2017 at the Interurban Models Store! Decals and the Bowser power drive 125158 are available from us!

As part of this project, we are developing an HO scale powering mechanism for models of such two-truck, three unit streetcars being built by Brookville, CAF, Inekon, Skoda and United Streetcar. The unit would consist of two Bowser traction power trucks with 26" wheels, two Bowser motor with power trains and bolsters that will allow only a 5 degree swing of the power truck.

As these models become available on Shapeways, Custom Traxx will be working on decal sets for them.

West Coast Traction Supply is now making HO scale 3D printed models of the Los Angeles Metro (LA Metro) NipponSharyo P865/2020 vehicles that opened the Blue and the Green lines and the KinkiSharyo P3010 vehicles now running on all four LA Metro Light Rail Lines (Blue/LongBeach, Expo/Santa Monica, Gold/Azusa and Green/Redondo Beach). The Bowser power drive 125158 works with both these units. We have just released decal set CN-3010 for these cars. See Section 1 of our catalog.

We are also working on a decal set for the Los Angeles Metro P865/2020 vehicles. Set CN-105 is now in development and will contain decals for all three schemes used on those cars.

Watch for set CN-105 during the first quarter of 2018!

In conjunction with Volkmar Meier, we are also working on HO scale models of the United Streetcar #100/200 as operated in Tucson, AZ; Washington, D.C. and a few other U.S. cities. The HO scale models would use the Bowser traction drive. Our HO scale efforts so far are shown below:


We are keenly aware that the hobby is shifting toward Ready-To-Run models. But we are also mindful of some of the excellent quality 3D printed shells that are now becoming available from Shapeways and other 3D printing houses in both HO and N scales. Since we know that there will always be a few distinguished and talented modelers who would like to have something unique on their layouts, we will be producing some decal sets for some one-of-a-kind vehicles that had their fame for a limited time. Accordingly, we are in the final stages of development and production of these decal sets in HO scale but we are adding N scale for all those newcomers.

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